Gilligan’s Island may be coming to Broadway

Gilligan’s Island may be coming to Broadway

The musical will feature an additional character.

While Broadway has become a haven for movie actors, it has also given audiences the chance to see their favorite TV shows brought to life. It is a natural development. After all, Disney has made a franchise out of turning their product lines and movies into live theater. But even the most jaded industry insiders were taken aback by recent news that Gilligan’s Island might be coming to the Great White Way.

That’s right. The 1960s TV series has been remade into a live theatrical event. Gilligan’s Island: The Musical will feature the Skipper and Gilligan, along with the luscious Ginger, innocent Mary Ann, the Howells and Professor. Like the TV show, all the characters will live isolated on an island.

According to Deadline, there is an unexpected modern twist to this classic show. An alien will also be stranded with the characters. There is no word on whether this alien will have special powers, or why an alien would even be stranded on an island. Perhaps this is an “E.T, The Extraterrestrial” and Gilligan’s Island mash-up. One can only hope the character will fit into the wacky ensemble.

The production team is one of the brightest aspects of this potential Broadway show. Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the original TV series, wrote the book with his son, Lloyd. Hope Schwartz, Sherwood’s daughter, teamed with husband Laurence Juber to compose the score. Apparently this show has already been performed in a handful of theaters. Hopefully, they have worked out technical and script issues.

Casting will play a large part in whether this show is a success. No stars have been attached to the production. But can you see Matthew Broderick playing The Professor? Maybe Brian Dennehy is available for the Skipper role? What do you think? Does this musical have possibilities, or should it sink to the bottom of the ocean?