Free theatre resources on the net

Free theatre resources on the net

You may not have to pay for classes, plays or training


Every theatre person knows that saving money is key to career-longevity. Actors, playwrights, directors and producers need to cut corners in order to bring a show to the stage. Free copies of new plays, classes and other resources will keep your career on track.

If you are looking for free copies of plays, look no further than Original Works Publishing. Every Monday, they provide free Kindle editions of a selected play from their catalogue. They specialize in bold plays that push the boundaries of theatre. People who don’t have a Kindle device can download plays into Amazon’s online reader. You can find out about Original Work’s Free Play Days by liking their Facebook page.

Aspiring and experienced playwrights can benefit from free classes through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their OpenCourseWare site publishes course content from classes. Selections include content from playwriting and theatre arts courses. Materials include notes, video, audio and reading lists. You do not have to register to take the courses, nor can you use it for college credit. These classes will help plug any knowledge gaps you may have about theatre history, performance, design and script analysis.

Playwrights who would like to do adaptations often use stories in the public domain. Project Gutenberg is a fantastic resource for discovering books that have expired copyrights. This site offers free downloads of novels and short stories. Many of them are in the public domain. You can find long forgotten books from Robert Barr, G.K. Chesterton and Charles Dickens. They also have classics from Agatha Christie and Mark Twain. Their content comes in a variety of forms, including mp3, Kindle, HTML, Plain Text, Plucker, and QiOO Mobile. Visit their site to view their catalog.