Do you have to live in New York City to have a career in theater?

Do you have to live in New York City to have a career in theater?

Some advantages to living in The Big Apple


Aspiring theater artists often ask, “Do you have to live in New York City to have a career in theater?”

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in New York. Playwrights, directors, actors and designers can meet like-minded people. These networking opportunities will inevitably lead to jobs, learning experiences and long-lasting relationships. You will understand what it takes to work professionally in the field. Experienced people may take you under their wings and help you make good career decisions. It is a fantastic place to find a mentor in your field.

Living in the Big Apple will also give you exposure to the stage. Styles of theater vary, from kitchen-sink realism to Dadaism. Artists are constantly searching for new ways to create stories and meaning. Many cellar studios throughout the city serve as a laboratory for experimentation. Theater makers in New York view failure as a rest stop on the road to success.

Since New York City is the theater center in the country, you will have a wide choice for training. Actors will find world-famous schools, such as HB Studios, Stella Adler Studio of Acting and The Actors Studio. Writers can apply to the Cherry Lane Theatre’s Mentor Project. These places give you the opportunity to become better in your study. They are also fabulous credits for your resume.

Other cities throughout the country can rightfully claim that they give you similar chances for training, exposure and networking. Other people may thrive in the smaller environment of Minneapolis, Boston and Chicago. While these cities have plenty to offer, they do not have the wide spectrum of theater that you will find in New York City.

So does that mean you should move to New York? Not so fast. Next, we’ll explore the downsides to pursuing a theater career in the Big Apple.